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Utopia Season 2 Episode 1

Various Artists - Bourgeouis Kerb Stomp (Herhalen)


herhalen1Two sides of tape scuzz, detailing the activities of The Ex-Servicemen, Glasgow’s only dub power trio.

I’ve not yet heard The Ex-Servicemen, but judging from what we hear on this tasty bumblebee yellow missive, they must be one of the strangest bands on the planet. Mournful, sprawling piano dirges, courtesy of Splashy The Blame-Shifter, meet white-hot sheets of sound, via Lenina, and stark and…

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Emma Tricca - Relic (Bird Records)


Emma Tricca - Relic coverMeet The Giallo Princess

On Relic, Emma Tricca combines Nick Drake pastoralism with ghostly flourishes of classic album making.

Emma Tricca is an anomaly. On one hand, she is as pure folk as they come, encouraged by the likes of Odetta and John Renbournto pursue her craft, writing sparse, bare-boned acoustic sketches of the world that she was living in. Unlike the first (or even second wave) of…

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Tomie, Volume 1
Review at Amazing Stories

More Than Human #106 - Podcast & Playlist



Broadcast live from Vancouver last night (artists rendition above), here’s the latest edition of More Than Human in handy digital form. Remember you can search for ‘more than human - citr’ on iTunes - it’s free to subscribe and will automatically download each week.

From 2Rabbit’s debut album, Splittin’ Hares:

Horrorscores: Les Baxter - The House Of Usher OST

Vincent Price as Roderick Usher


Welcome to another edition of Horrorscores, where we transform yr waking dreams into living nightmares.

Today, we will transform this beautiful sunny summer day into a cobweb riddled crypt, via Les Baxter’s score for The House Of Usher, directed by Roger Corman in 1960.

Les Baxter is best known for creating tropical drink sipping, easy swinging hammock exotica for the discerning armchair…

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D.R.E.A.M. - Drugs rule everything around me

Parlous - Parlous


parlous2Here we have a lovely limited edition cassette object from Portland’s Parlous. He got in touch via a mutual adoration for Tobacco and Moon Wiring Club, and was kind enough to send me a copy of this luxurious tape, complete with ornate scrolled logy to. I also had the unique opportunity to meet Parlous in person, as we live in the same city. He had an extra ticket to see Com Truise at Rotture, and…

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The Poetics Of Space: Alessandro Cortini - Sonno (Hospital Productions)

a dying star

cortini-sonno-hospitalA sense of place is becoming increasingly important in these disassociated times, as is lovingly illustrated in Boomkat‘s exceptional 14tracks compilation Psychoacoustic Cartography. These seems to be true of every style and genre, but is triply compounded in the realm of electronic music, which all-too-often never emerges from the claustrophobic confines of motherboards and processors.…

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The Devil

Street Sects - Broken Windows, Sunken Ceilings



The hole that I came screaming out of was wet and dark, and I want to go back.
Do I ever fantasize about the violence of my youth?
I fantasize about going home.

- Excerpt from Gentrification: A Serial Album

Leo Ashline is a nasty piece of work. Or, rather, his Gentrification serial album is. When we first met Street Sects, earlier this year, i described part 1 of the Gentrification series, T…

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