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StuffedMailbox2_fullOne of the reasons i got into writing about music in the first place was i always searching for it. Pre-internet, i would scour every major music periodical, every month, and daydream the sounds. As i get steadier and more reliable internet access, i began to fill in the blanks, to suss out those sounds that had sounded so intriguing.

After a while of writing, the sounds start to find you. Even…

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→ haze world - august 4 2014


cut hands - nine-night
hecate & kareem - mosch
aisha devi - hakken dub (ivvvo mix)
triad god - sun hing j
young thug - strange things
dz lectric + anthon shield - experimenting love
africans with mainframes - rock the world
rhythm & sound - distance
carlos peron’s…



Strange Tales 136
Steve Ditko

Dr. Strange, live at the improve.

the autobiography of william butler yeats (1958 ed., cover design and typography by edward gorey)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea illustration by Zdenek Burian, 1937
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Over thirty tracks paying tribute to thirty years of artistic genius from the ever-changing collective that is SWANS. Featuring a broad spectrum of underground artists spanning the life cycle of the band’s discography, ANYTHING FOR YOU is a definitive homage to one of the most culturally-significant bands of all time from a tiny handful of inspired individuals. 
Available now for pay what you want download online.
Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! - Alcohol The Seed
Poète Maudit - All Lined Up
Vuota - Stay Here 
Vio\ator - Volcano 
Edgar Vargas - Red Velvet Corridor
Anthracite - Destroyer 
Palm Hands - New Mind 
Hogarth - I Crawled 
The Snake Armed Man - Song For A Warrior
Clean Sheets - Celebrity Lifestyle 
Ambersmoke - Yum Yab Killers 
Ragged Veins - Coward 
Planning For Burial - You’re Not Real, Girl 
Werewolf 1992 - Mother / Father 
Sylphae - Your Hand Was Under My Skin
Death Lisps - I Was A Prisoner In Your Skull 
Christoffer Zimmerman - Mother of the World 
Graveclothes - Failure 
Lune Kiri - God Damn The Sun 
Bishie - Weakling
i do not love. - Better Than You
Aural Bile - Freak 
Maao - Thank You 
Serotosis - Fool 
Luke Lund - Half-Life 
Nailwalker - Reeling The Liars In 
Super Magnet - Love Of Life 
Life In Slow Motion, Dayruiner & Vargtimmen - Blind
K. Moak - No Cure For The Lonely 
Agent Darkpupa - Untitled Love Song
Álfheimr - The Sound
Various - Little Mouth
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Lucifer Rising (1972)

Amps For Christ Fan Art
John Darnielle - Wolf in White Van: A Novel
→ Beneath the burning hands of God by POSEIDON IN CHAINS

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Anjou - Anjou (Kranky)stock-footage-sunrise-over-the-earth-seen-from-space

Anjou Album CoverThe movement from guitars to synthesizers has been an interesting one. It seems to indicate the resurgence of futurism, even if it is retroactive one. Or maybe the new age story just picked up where it left off, 30 years ago.

Anjou is the new project from Robert Donne and Mark Nelson of Labradford, joined by Steven Hess on live percussion, who has played with Locrian, Fennesz, and Pan American.…

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Shellac - Dude Incredible (Touch And Go)hifi


There is nothing like listening to a band that has been playing together for over 20 years. And where most bands feel the need to get more convoluted, Shellac have pared their sound down to the bone, performing an alchemical condensation of bass, drums, and guitar into scrap metal fine art.

If I were to choose one word to describe Shellac, it would be disciplined– focused. They have taken the…

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